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Founded in 1988, our goal has always been to provide excellent service to companies and individuals having specific digital media and/or computer graphic system needs.

At Imperatives, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and unparalleled customer service to our clients. Together the Imperatives' team has over 60 years of digital signage experience.

Imperatives specializes in Digital Signage, Scoreboards, LCDs and Marquees/LEDs

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3. Training

2. Content Design

1. Consultation

4. Cloud Hosting

5. Installation

- Additional Expertise - 

Imperatives, Inc  has extensive expertise and skills to ensure your digital signage project goes smoothly and will last for years:

  1. Project Consulting to evaluate and advise your team regarding the optimal digital software and hardware, and to craft your communications programs, both on and off screen – including content sources, social media, alert policies, green initiatives and more.​

  2. Initial design, upkeep and maintenance of your scripts provided by our design team. 

  3. Available training packages for all level of users.

  4. Optional design, upkeep and maintenance of your scripts provided by our design team via ‘The Cloud’,

  5. Experienced installation team for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Imperatives, Inc.       2818 Curry Rd.  Schenectady, NY 12303

518.356.5160       toll free 888.356.5160      fax 518.356.5161

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